There’s No Such Thing As A Wrong Decision

I thought about something when we were riding our bikes past a house the other day. It was one that we considered buying before we chose ours. It made me realize an important thing that no one ever seems to tell you and I think some people may never actually fully believe.

It’s that there’s no such thing as a wrong decision.

Think about it, what defines a wrong decision? Deciding to act in the wrong way? Well what’s the wrong way? Who defines something as being wrong?

You do.

We were riding our bikes past that house and saw that they had a company out removing a tree, and Marla reminded me, “hey that’s the one that we were gonna take out.”

That’s what triggered some questions in my mind. What if we had bought that house? What if we didn’t make the decision to pass on it and to continue looking? Would we be disappointed? Would it have been a bad decision?

That’s when I realized that nothing would be different. We would live in a different house in a slightly different location, but we would still be happy and living our lives exactly how we are.

Was it a great house? No, and that’s why we passed on it, but a house is just another thing. Whether it’s great or just average doesn’t really affect our quality of life.

Removing wrong decisions from your life all comes down to outlook. I realized that I personally don’t feel like I’ve ever made a wrong decision. I don’t regret anything I’ve ever done and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I also know though that someone else living my exact same life may not have that same outlook at all.

I just have no interest in dwelling on the negative and you shouldn’t either. At times it can be tough to find, but there’s always a bright side to every situation and if that’s where you focus your attention you can’t help but be happy.

You’re In Control

The possibilities for how you live your life are not finite. There isn’t some predetermined path that you’re on where you’re either destined for failure or success. You’re in full control and you blaze your own trail.

It feels strange to think now, but I always felt like there was some set plan. Like life was exactly how it was and that’s the way it was always going to be no matter what.

I’m an only child. In my mind that’s exactly how it was always supposed to be and going to be and I couldn’t have imagined anything different. I would constantly get asked though, “do you miss not having a brother or sister?” And I would always think that that was the strangest question because to me having a sibling would have been weird, not not having one.

Even though I felt like it was, being an only child was in no way set in stone. At any point my parents could have decided to have another kid, they simply made a different decision.

Your decisions are how you change the universe. Every choice you make helps to establish your future, but the great part is that a “wrong” decision is corrected and changed just by making another decision.

Say it’s 2002 and you’re ready to get a tattoo. You find the coolest one that you’ve ever seen. You know this is it, time to finally make the leap and get some ink. Fast forward to today and you realize that that same butterfly tattoo on your lower back is not as cool as you thought it was and you’re finally sick of people saying that you have a tramp stamp.

You have a decision to make, either you keep the tattoo and laugh about how silly you were to ever think something like that was cool, or you remove it. The thing is though, getting the tattoo wasn’t a wrong decision, you’ve simply grown out of having it and now have to make a new decision.

There’s no benefit in dwelling on a bad move or thinking “I wish I woulda…” because letting yourself be bothered about something that has already happened will never change it. Taking action and making new decisions will.

If you don’t view anything as a wrong decision, but instead as a stepping stone to your next choice, then you can never fail.

Back when my IRL friends found out that I started SPYR and no longer had any interest in a normal day job, many of them quickly asked about our future and thought I should be concerned whether or not the company would be around for the long haul. First off there’s no worry of SPYR going anywhere any time soon, but the thing is, if something unforeseen came up, if situations changed, then I’d simply make a new decision and continue on just like I have been.

Why worry about something that could potentially happen? Simply live now and make the tough decisions as you need to.

The Takeaway

Don’t be afraid to live life on your terms because a wrong decision is nothing more than forgetting to look at the bright side of things. Learn to trust in yourself and believe that there’s no such thing as a wrong decision because it’ll allow you to be and do anything that you want without regret.

6 responses to “There’s No Such Thing As A Wrong Decision”

  1. Matt Coffman Avatar
    Matt Coffman

    Great post, Jeff. I’ve been going through a stretch over the past couple months where I haven’t known how to hold some of the mistakes I’ve been making. This post came along just at the right time for me.

    Many thanks!

  2. Teri Avatar

    Good post! I totally agree, and I am glad that you addressed how to handle the tough times in life as well, (“live now and make the tough decisions as you need to”). I have always felt that you need to research and really weigh everything before you make your final decisions, but never look back and regret those decisions because they were right at the time.

  3. meii Avatar

    Yeah this is logical advice that takes away the dread of jumping into something. It’s always the worry, “what people will think if I decide to go a different way then they advised” but what would be so wrong about changing my mind? Anyway. Thanks.

  4. dee taylor Avatar
    dee taylor

    I have as i believe in my mind just blown my chances of a fantastic chance to own a great house after living in a small flat and because i took a confidence dive and felt unworthy of such an opportunity i took a break down and lost out. Now ten days on and no sleep and no eating and huge panic attacks and under suspicion of severe depression( i am known for my happy smiling personality) I feel I see no end to making the wrong decision and now can not work or think straight……when will these feelings go……….My friend just happened to leave my computer open on your page but still feel no better at this time.
    I am glad to read the success stories but out on my own i feel so alone and regretful.
    Where i live and with my wages this was a chance to have a happy life and now????????
    Iam on an all time low.

  5. peter Avatar

    Thanks for this article. I’ve been dwelling on a decision I made over the last weekend, and I’m left distraught by the thought that I seemed to have committed a wrong decision. Sometimes we make a decision that feels so right at the moment but later seems wrong. I’m glad to find something that tells me not to dwell on decisions made in the past.

  6. Ethan Avatar

    my definition of a wrong decision is an action that deviates from your purpose. if you have a purpose, there must be a right way to get there. Any action that stop you from getting there is a wrong decision. Such as they right to get Roma from LA is to fly east, so it will be a wrong decision if you fly South. so there is a wrong decision if you have a purpose