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We’ve developed hundreds of brands, most notably The Minimalists and the Netflix documentary Minimalism. We empower aspiring minimalist entrepreneurs at BYLT, we develop and produce podcasts, we’ve written a cookbook, we’re Executive Producers of the #1 Indie Documentary of 2016, and we’re on a mission to teach people that kidney stones can be prevented.

tl;dr We’re SPYR. We do things.

Jeff Sarris
Dave LaTulippe

SPYR Brands

We very rarely accept new clients, but we’re always building brands.

Maven - Social Media Videography for Realtors
Kidney Stone Diet

SPYR Podcasts

Starting Now
Starting Now
Kidney Stone Diet
Kidney Stone Diet

Our Film

We’re Executive Producers of Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things, the #1 Indie Documentary of 2016.

SPYR Software

Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses to develop their brands and websites. For those who want a more DIY approach we’ve created several themes all available for purchase on our business building platform, BYLT.