iPhone sunset photography

iPhone sunset photography

It was a nice evening for a little sunset shooting. Dave with his Canon 60D, me with my iPhone 4S.

This was shot, edited and uploaded all from the phone, something that I quite like doing these days. So when I posted it on the interwebs some questions cropped up about the apps that I use to post-process.

First I just want to say that these are by no means the best apps for editing on the iPhone, they’re merely the tools that I chose to use for this photo. And the apps that I use do change relatively frequently, for example, Pro HDR is one that I downloaded while we were out shooting, so don’t consider this an exhaustive list.

This photo in particular was shot using the Pro HDR app, edited using Snapseed, Mattebox, re-processed a couple times using Pro HDR and finally color graded using Camera+.

It’s funny because we have immense artistic power with Photoshop and Lightroom, but overcoming it’s limitations and shooting and editing solely with the iPhone is very fulfilling.

If you’ve been getting into iPhoneography I’d love to see some of your work. Post links in the comments or to Google+ or Twitter. 🙂

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  1. J Foster Avatar

    Thanks for the info Jeff. I’m gonna check out some the apps recommended. Right now I’m a big fan of Snapseed an the new Smugmug
    Camera. I have to say the Smugmug camera has been my favorite as of late.

    Thanks again.