• You don’t need an audience of millions, thousands, or even hundreds to have a thriving business.

    You can also be wildly successful with an audience of ones.

    Just build accordingly.

  • Life stays interesting when we’re interested.

    Striving to keep a childlike curiosity is striving to live a rich life.

    A sign that you’ve got your shit together isn’t having the right answer.

    It’s knowing there isn’t one.

  • I constantly talk to people who aren’t doing their thing because: excuses.

    Then I invariably say, “Everything’s made up and nothing matters.”

    Then they laugh.

    They always laugh.

    Not because it’s funny.

    But because it’s uncomfortable.
    And because they know it’s true.

    Don’t let fear of judgment or the opinions of others hold you back.

    Everything is made up.
    Nothing matters.

    Just do the thing.

  • Always consider who you’re emulating.

    Someone a few steps ahead is growing because of their actions.

    Someone already wildly successful or famous can be doing so despite them.

  • Remember:
    You don’t know what you don’t know.

    Stay curious.

    Explore your interests, but also explore the void of the unknown.

    Do this forever.

    The connections you make will be uniquely yours.

    And you’ll be unstoppable.

  • Opportunity is abundant if you’re an internet archaeologist.

    Substack is brilliant: paid email newsletters for writers to finally own their audience and revenue.

    But they weren’t the first platform to do this.

    If you were on Twitter in 2011, you may remember that Letterly was all the rage.

    Bloggers converted their email newsletters from free to paid and monetized their writing on their terms, without gatekeepers, for the first time.

    Letterly burned bright, but, as is with all products ahead of their time, it fizzled out.

    Half a decade later, Substack launched with a superior product, of its time, that not only delivered on the promise of paid newsletters, but used the social graph to great success by giving writers the discoverability that they need.

    Was Substack influenced by (or did they even know of) Letterly’s existence? Probably not.

    But that’s not the point.

    You may think that everything’s been done. That there’s nothing new to create or to explore. That “it must be nice” to have had so much opportunity in early web2.

    But there’s a treasure trove of countless defunct products, just waiting for someone to uncover and reimagine them for today’s market.

    All you need to do is a little digging.

  • Effective, concise communication should be the number one area of focus for anyone hoping to excel with AI.

    The output of a given system is only as good as its input.

    Garbage in, garbage out.

    To successfully work with an AI, one must first be able to effectively lead a human.