The perception of money.

Our perception of money changes throughout life, but I wish I could tell the person that’s making $10/hr that it’s not “good money” and trading more hours for more of it isn’t the best answer.

Instead I have to choke back my advice and not tell them to look for a smarter way to make money. Instead I congratulate them on getting a job.

It’s tough because I know that one needs to learn it for him or herself, but I wish I could somehow accelerate the realization that working more hours or more jobs is never the solution.

Working to live instead of living to work may be a cliche phrase, but it’s only gotten that way because it’s a true sentiment.

Trading time for money is one of the worst things that we can do with our lives yet it’s one of the inevitabilities that most people take for granted.

“Suffer through working the majority of your waking hours until you can retire. That’s life, suck it up.”

Ya, I don’t believe in that.

On that note, the movie In Time looks to be based around a concept that’s right up my alley. Time has replaced money as the form of currency. Replenish your time or perish.

Looks pretty cool. 🙂