The Carnoirval: An iPhone Photo Series

This article originally appeared in the IGNOBLE Journal.

We wrangled Jeff Sarris of SPYR fame into shooting some photos for us. The results? Noir. Carnival. Car-noir-ival? You be the judge. But first, Jeff in his own words:

Where do you live and why?
Chicago because that’s where my mattress is located.

How does photography fit into your life?
Photography’s always been a hobby, but it wasn’t until we were asked to shoot a wedding that we bought DSLRs and started shooting people in the face for money.

Why a carnival?
For one weekend a year select locations are inhabited by large metal alien beings that consume humans whole, spin them around and excrete them onto the pavement. What’s not to love?

Do you spend a lot of time at carnivals?
Nope… unless I have an idea for a photo series.

What do you do when you’re not trying to make money?

Thirsty or hungry?
Hungry. Always hungry.

Really really early or really really late?
I run on vampire hours.

Best meal you’ve ever had?
I’m lucky, my wife Marla creates spectacular paleo recipes on a daily basis so the best meal I’ve ever had is probably the one I’m eating right now.