Portrait Photography: The Boys Family

Our cameras must be partial to little girls named Maddie because we had back-to-back sessions with two incredibly cute little girls of the same name. This Maddie is part of the Boys family who we had a fall family photo shoot with in St. Charles, IL.

We were afraid we’d have to reschedule due to rain as the fall weather had been unpredictable, but we lucked out. Other than some overzealous gusts of wind, all in all it turned out to be a great day. The Boys family was wonderful to work with, they were all very open to our ideas and they even happily played along when we made them get in real close 🙂

As we were shooting Larry was running around with his granddaughter Maddie between shots and even helped us carry the stools that we brought – joking around when we asked him and Terry to sit in them instead of their kids. We had a fun time.

We first met Larry & Terry at Mike & Sarah Kelly’s wedding where Larry went out of his way to compliment me and tell me that I looked like Salma Hayek.

How could anyone forget that? I sure didn’t.

Then at the end of the evening they asked for our information and Jennifer, Larry’s daughter, contacted us a few months later to plan their family portrait session.