How To Succeed When You’re Just Average

In my opinion Ok Go is just an average band, but they truly “get it” when it comes to promoting their music.

Mainstream success for Ok Go started in 2006 with the A Million Ways music video. Although they already had one album under their belt, this was their first attempt at a unique, low budget video (it cost the band $10). It proved to be a hit on YouTube and has over 2.6 million views to date, but they were just getting started.

That video pales in comparison to the one for Here It Goes Again. The next step in their video evolution, the “treadmill video,” took the world by storm, earned them a Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video, and has now been viewed over 50 million times.

That’s a lot of eyes and ears.

How much would you have to pay to have that many people hear your music, or see your product or business? Even if you had the budget to pay for that many “views,” they wouldn’t be nearly as valuable as the ones who have seen and continue to watch this video. Nobody is being forced to watch Here It Goes Again. They aren’t being interrupted and having put in front of them (ie. TV commercials). People are choosing to watch the video because they enjoy it.

What Ok Go has stumbled upon is, as Seth Godin would put it, a Purple Cow. Through creating truly remarkable music videos they’ve garnered massive recognition that gets people talking. Ok Go didn’t have to repeatedly push the videos out to the masses because the marketing was built in. People love them, and talk.

Here They Go Again

Recently they went back to the drawing board for a brand new video. This one is for the song This Too Shall Pass, and it instantly proved to be another success. In just a matter of hours, the low budget, extremely well planned and executed video had over 300,000 views. But that’s nothing. In just one weekend that total was already well over 6 million.



All it took to get millions of people once again thinking about Ok Go was a little bit of money, a lot of planning, and a lot of hard work. While other bands are relying on the dying music industry to promote their music, Ok Go is doing their own thing and proving once again that following the crowd is rarely the best choice. Innovators succeed.

Is your product or business standing out from the crowd or just blending in?