Getting a job.

I’m always a little disappointed hearing the excitement someone has about getting a new job. I’m not a fan of typical day jobs or following the conventional life path in general and although I’m truly happy to see people pleased I know that the excitement of getting the job is very temporary.

Sure there’s astronauts and pro baseball players, people fulfilling their lifelong dreams, but most of us are getting average run of the mill jobs.

So what are we excited for? It’s the money and the dream of the life that the money will give us.

Unfortunately money doesn’t buy you the life you’re dreaming of, because many times it requires that you give up the majority of said life.

Shortly, very shortly, after getting the good paying job most of us are back in the ‘work sucks’ camp. Although the “only option” is to turn around and look for another better job. There’s got to be a good job out there, right? How about instead of looking for a job, search for/create a fulfilling life?

I know entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, although anyone with drive will succeed, but although it may seem like a good job is one of the most important parts of a successful life, we’re much more insignificant than we want to believe. All the money in the world means nothing if you’re at the end of your life harboring regrets.

It’s time to live.