The age of access over ownership.

I sit here staring at the hundreds upon hundreds of CDs that I’ve purchased over the years and ponder their fate. One by one we’re checking the resale value on Amazon and, if they’re already being sold for over $1.00 used, we’re posting them on the site for sale cheapest available item.

I used to be all about ownership of media. Be it music CDs or DVDs, if there was something that I liked I would go out of my way to buy it’s circular holographic plastic container.

But we’re in a much different age today. With Spotify giving freemium access to nearly any track that I ever want to listen to and the local public library stocking basically every single movie, there’s no longer a need for me to own all of this media.

So now all of this clutter is on it’s way out. After giving an excited friend 2 full boxes of DVDs we’re now posting maybe 10% of our CDs on Amazon while the rest are simply valueless and being donated to Goodwill.

All of this media and it truly has no value. But the value in this shift is much greater than the amount of money we’ll be “earning.” Simply getting rid of this clutter and clearing out the physical and mental space it occupies, is well worth the effort.